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Los Griegos

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Dec 15, 2014 Frances  and I started skiing up Ladera  ~3;30 today (Friday).  The trail was snowshoer packed and in good shape with 4-6" on the side of the trail.  Above Lower Road, the snowshoers abandoned Ladera and we followed an earlier skier up to Griegos Junction.  Near GJ the snow was close to 12" deep.  At sun-exposed GJ...

Coyote Call

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Dec 25, 2014 On Christmas, Frances, daughter Mag, and I set out from the Alamo Boundary Trailhead on a ribbon-thin track of snow amidst abundant flora on an out-and-back toward the south leg of Coyote Call (Sam Beard's "Most Beautiful Mile").  The preceding Monday, there were high winds here in Los Alamos, so it was not surprising that a...