Backcountry Climbing Skin Tours / Silverton / Sun-Tues / Dec 30 – Jan 1st

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Backcountry Climbing Skin Tours / Silverton / Sun-Tues / Dec 30 - Jan 1st
This trip is a go. Here are the details for the backcountry [climbing skin tours] group.
The skiing will be in potential avalanche terrain and ALL participants must tour with an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe... and have some rudimentary skill at using those avy tools. Yes, we all need to practice more... me included. With the inherent dangers of a winter snowpack and new snow, the expected avalanche danger will more than likely be Considerable... maybe High. This means we will be conservative and strive to ski terrain no steeper than the low 30 degrees. The goal for these tours is to ascend a slope in order to enjoy the powder descent. Although there is some really nice kick and glide terrain in the area for light touring, I am not leading any tours for that.
Expected elevation gain per day will be 2000+ feet. I don't have a problem with people doing extra or less laps, the group doesn't have to ski in total sync, but I do demand that nobody ski alone and everyone share their plans if they break away from the main group.
Saturday - nothing organized, but feel free to go out and ski!
Sunday Morning Rendezvous - 9:00 - Coffee Bear Silverton [just one block north of the Grand Imperial on Green/main]. Actually try to get there early so we can have it worked out and be able to drove off at 9:00. Plan-B rendezvous location is Grand Imperial lobby.
Sunday Tour - Drive to Red Mountain Pass [1st or 2nd lot on south side of pass]. More than likely we will be playing on the flanks of McMillan and the surrounding area on the west side of Red Mountain Pass. Will be doing multiple laps of certain areas if the snow is good. Pods of peeps [but nobody skis alone!] can opt to make less laps... or more laps.
Sunday Dinner and Hot Springs Soak in Ouray - IMPORTANT: if you opt to do this, those of us going over to Ouray for the evening will be driving directly from Red Mountain Pass after skiing. So, this means you need to bring dinner clothes and a swimsuit with you in the vehicle you drive away from Silverton in. Unfortunately, there's a bit of pay to play after eating and soaking - yes, the drive back to Silverton [if that's where you are staying].
Monday Tour - Same rendezvous time and location. The ski tour TBA, but could be variant of Sunday's terrain, slopes below Ohio Peak, Minihaha, etc. Will concoct a plan after Sunday's tour.
New Year's early evening social at the Triangle Motel. We'll make it a snack luck dinner and beverage thing. Since I don't know what/if the other club group is doing, the Triangle will be our New Year's launch pad.
Tuesday / New Year's Day - It's all up in the air and TBD.
Comments: It's going to be cold. Especially in the morning when it's clear at night. How is that car battery? And you have a fresh battery in your avy beacon, right? Bring extra clothing layers and a spare hat and gloves. Considering bringing along a thermos. Drive safe.
Everyone try to find some time and read the CAIC avy report for Northern San Juans. Below is the link. Read it today and then again after Friday's storm. Not only will we have facets on facets, as described by CAIC, but potential new wind loading slab loading on top of that.
BTW, Swamp Angel, a snowpack weather station on Red Mountain Pass, is reporting just shy of a 4-foot deep snowpack. Pasted below.
No need to reply to the group list server. However, please let me know, by texting or calling my cell below, if you are coming for any/all of the fun.
Happy Holly Daze,
Barry Ritchey
505 238-8123


December 29, 2018
Tuesday, January 1
Trip Location:
Ski Rating:
Class 4
Trip Distance:
4-5 plus miles
Elevation Gain:
Meeting Time:
December 29, 2018 9:00 am