Club Bus Trips 2015

Bus Trip Chairs Celeste Taylor-Ryman and Bill White announced the 2015 bus trips would be Pagosa Springs, CO, from January 15 to 19, 2015, and Frisco, CO, from February 20 to 23, 2015. We have been at both locations before, and both are great skiing centers.

pagosa[1]The skiing in the Pagosa / Wolf Creek area is both great and varied. Wolf Creek has some of the best snow conditions in southern Colorado, frequently with over 10 feet of snow at the downhill resort. Cross country areas include the Nordic area across from the downhill area, numerous roads and trails leaving the main road to Wolf Creek, and other Nordic areas and roads north of Pagosa itself. Pagosa also features the Hot Springs Resort, with numerous pools of hot water at temperatures up to 109 degrees to sooth your achy muscles after a long day of skiing.

Cost of Pagosa is $275, including transportation to Pagosa and around the area, and hotel, the Pagosa Inn and Suites. You are on your own for food, although there are quite a few options around Pagosa, so you shouldn't starve to death.

WildernestFriscoThe Frisco trip features staying in the Wildernest Condos, which we have done before. These nicely appointed condominiums have full kitchen and lounge areas and several bedrooms per unit. Rumor has it that we will also have a pizza party in the Condo Association Community Room located in the facility.

Skiing opportunities in the Frisco area are some of the best in central Colorado, and include the large planes separating Frisco and Breckenridge as well as the hills above Frisco. You can also go as far afield as the Keystone and Copper Mountain areas. Most of these are served by the Free Bus Service that will take you to most of the downhill areas as well as various pickup points near cross country sites.

Cost of the Frisco trip is $380 including transportation and housing. You will be responsible for your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. There are excellent cooking facilities in the condos, so you don't have to eat out most of the time.

If you were not able to make the cut on the lottery for these two great ski trips, take heart. There have been several dropouts, so it is very likely that you will be able to get on if you are patient. For more information and to get on the "wait" list, contact Bus Trip Arrangements Chair Celeste Taylor-Ryman. If you would like to help by leading a tour on either of these trips, contact Bus Trip Tour Chair Bill White.

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  • I have gone to this location twice and had a good time both times!! Is it OK if I have a niece stay at the condo/sleeping bag etc for maybe 2 nights??? The arrival night and the next night after a day of skiing!! If it
    will cost me, please let me know!!

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