Looking forward to Pagosa

Finally!  The gully approach to Lobo Overlook has something like a base! Just a rock or two in that section where the trail turns adjacent to the gully.  But the descent below this point actually has enough snow to make turns across the skin track!  Finally!

IMG_6783On this bluebird day, the view from the overlook was fantastic!  The Rock Garden still needs a lot of snow but from this point one can mentally trace a route up the ski basin boundary that drops to the saddle NE of Treasure Mountain and out to the NW and the trailhead at FS725.

Turning to my favorite thing, practicing tele turns doing laps on the east face of the Overlook!  That face accumulates wind blown snow so it's always fun!  Today the snow was deep, concealing dips in the land surface which could swallow you up with the momentum change!  There was a sun crust buried on this face, so it would be really nice to get more snow, and more base!  Four laps were good for me and the dog (carrots for snack!).

After the holidays, I'll be spending a lot of time up here before the bus trip.  Hopefully, I'll have good snow conditions to relate to you all!  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Bill White
NMCCSC Bus Co-Chair

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