Lost Wonder Hut Trip

guymWe’re going to start to break away from the 10th Mountain huts on occasion, and plan a trip to one of the lesser known huts in Colorado. We have booked a second hut trip, one that we've been threatening to do for years.  The Lost Wonder Hut is located near Salida, Colorado, just  down the hill from the Monarch ski area.

There may be some of you who were around several years ago when, while on a bus trip to Salida, we did a day trip up to this hut with a group of 35 people !

The ski in to the hut is a mere 3 miles, but the trail is fairly steep, with an elevation gain of 1250 feet.  Day skiing options include a tour up over Chalk Creek Pass and down into the ghost town of St Elmo.  Trip dates, including all travel time, are Jan 28, 206 - Feb 1, 2016.

 Cost of the trip, including group dinners and applicable surcharge and expense fee, is $137.  Please note that, even though this hut is rated for 12 people, it is a bit cramped, so we are limiting participation to 10 skiers.

Please see the website to review hut trip policy.  Check out the hut :  Lost Wonder Hut

Contact Guy Miller for more information about hut trips.

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