Ski Santa Fe

This information just in from Steve Roholt reporting on Santa Fe ski trail conditions.

If you love winter, snow and skiing of any kind, you would love this. Feel free to share if you'd like. Norski trail in the last photo would be worth checking out. Kathy Kubarski has reported on the condition of this trail as well as a way to get there from Albuquerque using the RailRunner to Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Ski Area shuttle to the trailhead. So this trail is starting to look like an excellent option from Albuquerque.

photo 4

Photo by Steve Roholt

photo 3

Photo by Steve Roholt

The Aspen Vista trail has great coverage and usually once you get a mile or so up the trail there's a ski track although I did not go up it. Lived here for 36 years and have only seen early snow like this a few times. Today I skinned up to the top, then skied down.

photo 2

Photo by Steve Roholt

(Ed note: for those of you who can identify the locations of these photos, let me know so I can add the information to the picture captions. Ray)

Steve Roholt

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