Aladdin’s Lamp Hut Trip 2017???


Aladdins Lamp Hut

We are looking into holding another beginner hut trip at Aladdin's Lamp. This trip is primarily for those who can ski but have never tried a hut trip. It will give you an opportunity to experience the Hut Trip environment in all of its glory. And you will have a chance to do some skiing right outside your home away from home.

The hut is located a very short distance off the highway (about 300 feet from parking to hut), so there is no problem with wrestling a pack up a long, steep hill to the hut. The hut holds 8 people and has ski opportunities right outside the door. Although past experience is not a guarantee of future performance, the cost last year was $55 for the hut plus food and transportation.

We don't have any dates selected yet, but I would like to find out if there is enough interest to put it on the schedule. So if you think you are interested, send a note to Ray Berg to let him know.

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