Sample Video Blog

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This blog has a video. This video is embedded in the blog and hosted by YouTube using a basic Branded account. Note: The graininess of this video is not a characteristic of the embedded video or YouTube, it's just a really bad video and was all I had for a sample.

Zoom Virtual Background

Image shows Zoom's virtual background settings.l
Open the Zoom application. This feature does not work from the web interface. Left-click the profile thumbnail in the upper right corner. (1) Select Settings from the menu. (2) Select Background & Filters from the settings dialog. (3) Select an image or video from the list to use as your background. (4) (Note: Select the image labeled None to stop showing a virtual background.) Use the Plus (Add) button above the image list to add your own image of video. The green screen option replaces a solid color...

Website Membership Purge is Complete!

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2020-01-08 The website's database purge of unpaid past members is complete! Expired members are not allowed to login but the email is known to the website. You can still renew your membership or join at anytime. Just click on the Membership links on the home page. If you get an error like Unknown Email or Unknown Username, you need...