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How to Join

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The preferred method is to use this PayPal link, or see Related Links to the right.

Individual and  Under-40 Memberships

Dues are $20/year for individuals.  All spouses and dependents must sign up individually.  Children under 18 are still covered under an adult's membership.

For individuals age 40 and under the first year is $1.00.

Minor children who participate in any ski club activities, are covered under an adult member.

The preferred method is to use this PayPal link, or see Related Links to the right.

Please Note: You must sign the liability waiver on the membership form and submit with your dues!  If you have difficulty downloading or printing the membership form, just contact us using any of the methods shown below and we'll mail one to you. Contact the membership chair with membership questions (see sidebar).


The preferred method is to use this PayPal link, or see Related Links to the right.

Renewals must be received by the December club meeting to remain on the email list, continue receiving club and trip information, and go on club trips that require membership. Renewals use the same membership form as initial membership. Member signatures are required each year on the liability waiver on the membership form.

Member Benefits

You will receive the latest ski club newsletter, which is published monthly between October and March, and you will have access to the ski club group email system and the members-only pages of this web site.  The bus trips, hut trips, and many other overnight trips are open only to members.

Group Email

The group email list and website are the way most of the club activity information is communicated. There are often day trips listed right after a good snowfall. The newsletter can't list this up-to-the-minute information. The club email is used to communicate activities and information to club members. In addition, you can use the system to report ski and weather conditions, request information about skiing or equipment, sell or buy ski equipment, or other matters related to cross country skiing. You will be added to the email list unless you request not to be added.

To be sure you correctly receive email from the club email system, please add the email address ( to your contact list, address book, or approved address list. This will avoid having the system treat our email as spam or junk email.

Member Web Login & Password

All members are assigned an account on this website with a unique password. If you forget your password, click the login link at top of any page on this website and select Lost Your Password? You can also update your profile via the login link. Member-only access is required to access the club membership list; several club forms, policies, and documents; comment bulletin boards at various locations on the site; and to schedule any kind of club trip or activity (the latter requires additional approvals.)

You should add or to your spam filter's whitelist so that your username email can be received.

Newsletter Subscription

The club newsletter is distributed electronically to all members of record at the time of publication. If you would like to receive the club newsletter in hard copy delivered by the USPS, the subscription cost is $30 per year.  Partial years are not prorated.

For more information

Contact Membership Chair at

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Club Email System

Email system: send to club email reflector at will only work from your email account)


SIGN UP! Get a copy of our Membership Application. Dues are $20/yr for individuals, or $25/yr for households. The 1st year is Free for individuals age 40 and under and households of people 40 and under.