The Club leads many one-day trips to the local areas in the Sandias, Santa Fe National Forest, Pecos Wilderness, and the Jemez Mountains. Spur-of-the-moment trips after a good snowfall are announced on the website and e-list.  A few day trips are planned in advance (but dependent on snowfall) and listed in the monthly newsletter.

Sandia Crest 2010

Photo by Ray Berg

Day Trip Announcements & Sign Up

Notices of Day Trips are sent to club members by group email. Be sure you are on the group e-list to take advantage of announcements. Instructions for meeting or signing up are included with the notice, and may require contacting the Trip Leader for information about the meeting location and time. Some day trips require leaders to screen participants for skill level and preparedness. Others may be limited in group size. All trips scheduled through the website scheduler will be listed in the Club Calendar (above) and Trip Schedule. If it's been snowing, check the calendar!


For those carpooling to a trailhead, every participant is expected to help cover the driving cost. The Executive Board sets a cost per mile.

A24_Off_to_N__Walton_PeakSkill Requirements & Tour Levels

Day trips are planned for all levels of skiers, and the emphasis is on FUN! Day trips are rated for a particular ability level, Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 (see Ski Tour Ratings document in sidebar.) The ability level, length of trip, meeting time and place, etc will be specified in the trip announcement.  If you are uncertain whether your fitness and skills are appropriate for a trip, contact the leader to discuss. See Guidelines for Participants in sidebar.

Day trips are open to both members and prospective members. Non-members must contact the trip leader before the trip.  Participants should familiarize themselves with the documents listed in the sidebar to the right.  In addition, before the trip starts, all participants should sign the Trip Sign-In and Liability Waiver Form available in the sidebar box to the right. Additional information is available in the Book List in the sidebar.

For Leaders Scheduling a Day Trip

Day Trip Leaders can schedule a day trip with the Day Trip Scheduler available in the sidebar at the right. When you go on your trip, don't forget the Trip Sign-in Form referenced in the sidebar to the right. Leaders should be familiar with the Guidelines for Leaders document linked in the sidebar.

Day Trip Scheduler

For more information

Contact the Day Trip Chair at


Sign up online by going to the Membership tab in the menu at the top of the page.

The cost is $20 for individual  and $1 for first year memberships for those under 40 years of age. There is no charge for children under the age of 18.  We no longer offer a paper newsletter option or a household membership.