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Ski Club Programs for 2016-17

Peter Marks, the NMCCSC Program Chair, is putting together the schedule of programs for the coming season. At this point the following programs have been scheduled. October:  The Oct program will be on conditioning exercises for XC skiing and the presenter is Laura Cobb who is the fitness director at the YMCA here in town. The presentation will consist...

UNM Groomed Ski Loop Update 2016

This past winter the UNM Ski Team started development on a groomed ski loop in the Sandias for ski team training. The loop is intended for the exclusive use of cross country skiers. It is accessible from either the Ellis or 10K Trailhead parking areas. Chris Norton, with the UNM nordic team, has groomed some trails adjacent to the Ellis trailhead...

Summer Picnic 2016

The annual NM Cross Country Ski Club Summer Picnic is coming up on Jun 5, 2016, at the Wildlife West Nature Park. We will again have the Event Barn for our picnic. This is a great opportunity to get together and reminisce about the past ski season and everybody's desire to be a lot cooler. Car pooling is encouraged,...

Silverton 2017

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This is a return to one of our favorite spots, Silverton, CO. We will stay at the Grand Imperial Hotel and ski sites from Molas Pass to the town of Eureka to the Red Mountain Pass area.