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Betty Bear Hut Trip Jan 28 – Feb 2, 2018

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Betty Bear Hut Betty Bear Hut Trip Jan 28 - Feb 2, 2018. Costs $148, exclusive of travel expenses to and from the trailhead. NOTE:  AS OF MID-JANUARY, THERE IS SNOW IN COLORADO.  10TH MOUNTAIN ADVISES THAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THE HUTS.  SNOW LEVELS ARE BELOW NORMAL, BUT THIS TRIP IS STILL A GO !  SPACES STILL REMAIN;...

Polar Star Hut Trip

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Trip to the Polar Star Hut. The Polar Star Hut is south of Edwards (on I-70 between Vail and Eagle) at 11,040 feet altitude. Details TBD

New Years Trip to Aladdin’s Lamp Hut

Mary Kaye Gallagher is putting together a trip the Aladdin's Lamp Hut for the New Year's Celebration. Aladdin's Lamp Hut has become a great location not just for the snow but for those who want to experience the hut environment. The hut is only a couple hundred yards from the parking area, so the normal struggle to get "home"...

Aladdin’s Lamp Hut Trip 2017???

We are looking into holding another beginner hut trip at Aladdin's Lamp. This trip is primarily for those who can ski but have never tried a hut trip. It will give you an opportunity to experience the Hut Trip environment in all of its glory. And you will have a chance to do some skiing right outside your home away from...

Feb 27 – Mar 4, 2017, Polar Star Hut Trip

The second hut trip for the 2017 ski season will be to the Polar Star Hut. Polar Star Inn is a privately owned backcountry lodge, booked by 10th Mountain. Polar Star Inn is a tall-standing structure with a big deck that looks west over the Colorado Plateau: a sunset watcher's paradise. There are six private bedrooms and running water (summer...

Jan 28 – Feb 2, 2017, 10th Mountain Hut Trip

The first hut trip of the season will be to the 10th Mountain Hut. Nestled at timberline below the majestic peaks of the Colorado Continental Divide, 10th Mountain Division Hut forms a perfect destination for a single hut trip or ski-through using other nearby huts. Completed during the summer of 1989, the hut was built in honor of the 10th...

Francie’s Hut Trip

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Our first scheduled hut trip for 2016 will be to Francie’s Cabin, located near Breckenridge, Colorado. This “stretch” hut holds 20, and features indoor toilets and an outdoor wood-fired sauna. We have been to Francie’s before, and have always found a variety of exciting day skiing opportunities. The area immediately around the hut world class Alpine terrain, featuring lots...

Aladdin’s Lamp Hut Trip

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We will have a hut trip to Aladdin’s Lamp Hut, near Molas Pass just off Highway 550 between Durango and Silverton from Friday, Jan 29, to Sunday, Jan 31, 2016. The hut is located a very short distance off the highway (about 300 feet from parking to hut), so there is no problem with wrestling a pack up a...

Lost Wonder Hut

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Lost Wonder Hut near Salida, CO, has lots of great skiing in the vicinity, including a tour over Chalk Creek Pass and down into the ghost town of St Elmo. The group will be limited to 10 skiers and cost $137, including group dinners, applicable surcharge, and fees. You can check it out at Lost WonderHut Contact Guy Miller