Weather & Road Links


Since we travel extensively around northern New Mexico and Colorado during the winter months, it is useful to have access to current weather, road condition, avalanche, and related information. The sidebars on the right list sources of useful information. If you find more, you can send their contact information to us using the contact for on the homepage.

Weather Forecasts

Many of the areas where we travel are covered by the weather forecast sites listed in the Weather and Snow Links sidebar box to the right.


Road Conditions

 The website provides sweeping general conditions across the state. Conditions change over a short period of time in NM as plows clear roads and the sun comes out or temperatures change. Experience tells us that it may indicate "snowpacked and icy" conditions when, in fact, roads are clear.  For up-to-date specific local road conditions, you can call the local office of State Police, local police, Highway Department or County. Dispatchers are available on weekends at police offices but not highway departments. See the list of contact number below.

          NM Highway Department:

  • Taos 575-758-2133
  • Questa: 575-586-0430

    State Police:

  • Chama: 575-756-1817
  • Espanola: 505-753-2277
  • Farmington: 505-325-7547
  • Las Vegas: 575-425-6771
  • Raton: 575-445-5571
  • Santa Fe: 505-827-9300
  • Taos: 575-758-8878

    Local Police:

  • Red River Police: 575-754-6166
  • Questa Police: 575-586-0787
  • Angel Fire Police: 575-377-3214

    County Roads:

  • DSC_4701

    Colfax: 575-445-8292

  • Santa Fe County Public Works: 505-992-3010

Avalanche Information

If you are going into the mountains during winter weather it is vital that you get information about avalanche conditions in the area you will be visiting. This information is available from the Avalanche Information sources in the sidebar box to the right.

Wind Chill

Hypothermia is one of the most serious conditions faced by winter travelers. Temperature and wind information is available in the charts below. In November 2001 the Wind Chill Chart was revised. Here are versions of the new and old chart from the site

The New Wind Chill Chart

new-wind-chill-chart-2              The old wind chill chart looks like this:


Your ability to perform in the mountains also is affected by altitude because of the reduced pressure and, therefore, oxygen levels. Here is the altitude pressure chart:



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